The TUTTOVO born as a company transforming of eggs products (semi-based eggs for the food industry) and more than twenty years, provided quality and security thanks to the productive process, covered by patents, which allows the pasteurization “delicate” of egg and the extention of its period (shelf life). Highly innovative choices have always been part of the company both in production and the packaging. The TUTTOVO was among the first Italian companies in the early 90s, to have the CE certification for the processing of eggs: one of the most stringent health control protocols (weekly Veterinary Service monitors and check any time of the production process). The company was rewarded in 1991 with the Oscar for the most innovative product at the internetional exhibition of Parma’s Cibus and also was the first at European level is to use the bag in the box that tetra pack packaging for fresh eggs products.

The vocation of the TUTTOVO for the organic was prompted by a deep rooted interest in the natural alimentation and the will to respond to the increasingly widespread demand for quality, authentic flavor, safety, attention to animal welfare, protection for the environment.

From more 20 years the company produced “Natura è Piacere”, the most tasty line of Italian organic sauces and gluten-free, unic -in world- for the richness of taste and quality, only to offer the great Italian culinary tradition and internetional, ready to be served on the table. And yet in 2008 a record: it has started production of the unic ice cream all organic and all gluten-free on the Italian market!