Organic Choice

It is the choice that combines ethics and pleasure! The organic agriculture protects our health and the environment: protecting the land, does not pollute the air or water, contributes to rural development by ensuring our future. The organic farming ensures the welfare and meets the specific behavioral needs of animals, depending on the species based management of their health on disease prevention.
The strict European legislation reduces overgrazing, poaching of soil, erosion and pollution caused by animals.
The organic agriculture, opposed to the conventional one, does not use pesticides, herbicides, chemical fertilizers, which pollute and impoverish the land, has no GMOs, to ensure that products are not only healthier but also tastier, For these reason, the organic is an ethically sound, healthy and tasty: the bio is the pleasure found in taste, the taste of authentic and intense fruit of the earth.

The choice of local raw materials, at km 0, ensures the freshest products and most flavoursome, cut emission of greenhouse gases, safeguard biodiversity, preserves the rural landscape and mountain tops, shalves the public debt.